Celebrating 40 years in business this September!

Who are we?

Larson Hides Ltd

Larson Hides is an animal hide processor in Leross Saskatchewan Canada. We purchase game hide cattle hides,  pigskin, buffalo skins etc. 

Larson Hides ships quality rawhides by container load internationally daily. Contact us to ask about selling your product or buying our product!

Larson's Abattoir

We are an inspected meat harvest and processing plant located in Leross Saskatchewan Canada. 

We have certified butchers and meat cutters on staff, an impeccably clean facility and highly competitive processing rates! 

We we have a large capacity cooler and can easily facilitate contract harvest and Processing. 

Email or call for a harvest appointment. 

Glitz Mitts

Those wonderful "Larson" Mitts

Buy online here!

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The Larson Group

223 Main Street Leross, Saskatchewan, Canada S0A 2C0

306 675 4448 cell 306 795 5023